Powder Coating Colors and Textures

Choosing a Specific Powder Coating

The type of powder coating that is best for your application will depend on various factors, like the material being coated, the type of substrate, and the conditions the coated parts must endure in daily use. Our team at Perfect-It Powder Coating can help you choose the right colors and textures for your needs.

Powder Coatings You Can Trust

We use state-of-the-art coatings from respected coatings manufacturers. Thousands of color and texture combinations are possible. Here are mini-profiles of some of our powder coating suppliers.


Cardinal Paint

Cardinal has an enormous selection of powder coating colors and textures, including metallics, pearlescents, hammertones, chromas, superdurables, and specialty finishes.

See the Cardinal Color Chart

TIGER Drylac®

Tiger Drylac

Since 1968, TIGER has been manufacturing powder coatings for a variety of applications. Their current line of coatings include 3D metallics, textured and smooth coatings, essential colors, industrial colors and finishes, and MIL-PRF 24712B approved colors and topcoats.

Download TIGER Drylac® Color and Texture PDFs

Prismatic Powders

Prismatic Powders

Prismatic Powders can match colors to many brands, school colors, OEM colors, or paint codes using their online Color Match swatch tool. We carry different colors and textures sorted by gloss, transparency, tones, metallics, or special effects.

Try the Prismatic Color Match Tool



Cerakote is an industry leader in ceramic firearms coatings. They carry more than 100 colors of ceramic coatings. Depending on the coating, they may be heat resistant from 800°F up to 1800°F.

Research Cerakote High-Heat Ceramic Finishes

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