Media Blasting

Perfect-It offers abrasive media blasting at our shop in Rancho Cordova.

We offer in-house sandblasting for a variety of applications. We specialize in stripping vintage automobiles for restoration and other auto body abrasive blasting.

Abrasive wet blasting automobile

Abrasive Blasting and Powder Coating in One Facility.

Instead of having to take your parts to one shop for sandblasting and another shop for powder coating, at Perfect-It, it’s all underneath one roof. This saves you time and money, as the processes are consolidated in one facility.

Media blasting is a necessary step in preparing a surface for coating. First, the old paint and rust must be stripped via sandblasting. The proper anchor profile must etched on the substrate in order for the coating to achieve maximum adhesion.

After sandblasting the surface to be coated, it is primed and coated. If the object is being powder coated, it is then cured.

Our team at Perfect-It Powder Coating and Media Blasting has decades of experience in abrasive blasting. We’re here to help you complete your project on time and on budget from our facility near Sacramento.

See Some Examples of Our Media Blasting Work.

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